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Q: How far do you travel?

A: We are willing to travel most anywhere. Obviously, there are other things to consider besides distance therefore, each request is evaluated individually

Q: How often do you practice?

A: Four, two hour full orchestra rehearsals are held each week. In addition each section of the Orchestra meets once each week for a one-hour practice. Members maintain individual practice as well. 

Q: Where are steel pans from?

A: Steel pans were originally created in Trinidad & Tobago following WWII. It is the only acoustical (percussive) instrument developed in the twentieth century.

Q: Is there a difference between a steel pan & a steel drum?

A: The steel pan is made from a steel barrel. That is why some people call it a steel drum. Technically, in the musical family of instruments the steel pan is not regarded as a drum (it doesn’t use a membrane to make sound, it makes sound by vibrating itself) & is therefore more correctly called a steel pan.

Q: Do you have CD’s

A: Currently, no. Sorry, we realize many people are patiently waiting. All we can say is that we are still working on it. 

Q: How much does it cost to have the orchestra perform for my event?

A: There are several factors that determine the cost of a concert. For detailed information take a look at Booking/Cost.

Q: Can I take steel pan lessons?

A: We offer several different environments in which you can try a steel pan. For more information go to: Services/Instructions (will be online shortly) or contact us at

Q: Can we come watch a rehearsal?

A: We would love to have you come visit us. If you contact us at we can arrange a time that works for you & for us.

Q: How can I join?

A: If you are interested in joining please contact the orchestra at

Q: Do you take donations?

A: Yes. It is donations that enable us to give back to the community. The Orchestra however is not a registered charity, which means your donations would not be tax deductible.

Q: Who pays for all this?

A: Event sponsors cover the direct expense of concerts; other expenses are maintained through donations.

Q: How much does it cost to be a member of the NLSO?

A: It is free! That’s right, completely free, although, it does require a commitment to rehearsals & practice time.

Q: What does NLSO stand for?

A: It is the initials of the orchestra’s full name, Northern Lights Steel Orchestra.

Q: Where are all the members from?

A: We are composed of members from communities in the local area as well as from communities across North America. In some instances members have even joined us from such exotic places as the Caribbean.

Q: Where is the orchestra from? 

A: The orchestra’s facilities are located on the outskirts of Sprucedale, ON, Canada. 

Q: Why do you do this? 

A: We believe that music is in everyone & that we all need music. This Orchestra is our way of bringing a new & unique type of music into people’s lives. Quite simply, we enjoy sharing the music that moves us and lifts our spirits. 

Q: How did the orchestra start?

A: In 1998 founder Mervyn Jordan, invited a handful of friends to help make his life long dream of a steel pan orchestra a reality. He began with just a few friends & has watched that dream unfold every year with the growth and development of the Northern Lights Steel Orchestra.

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